Happy Birthday to the world’s most beautiful mum

Mum, you are super special because you are a wonderful combination of warmth, love, laughter, beauty, understanding & kindness. I pray to dad everyday – our beautiful angel in Heaven to protect & guide you always.

My friend’s ask me if i still need you as much as i did when i was younger – my answer is still “YES” – because, you are my source of inspiration, Heaven is on your face, you are the perfect example of a loving mother because of the time that you’ve invested in me & the amount of sacrifices that you’ve made for me (no mother could go to the extent to give me everything that i have asked for & sometimes you would know what i need even before i could ask for it), a loving & a caring wife that you have been towards dad, a great teacher, comforter to the needy … the list would go on. Thank you for having stood by me, believed in my dreams & helped me excel. Every second spent with you is more than precious. You are the best mommy in the whole world.

Daddy – Our Guardian Angel, please shower God’s blessings on my mum. We miss you heaps & cannot express it. But, the spirit comforts us because we know that you are in Heaven watching over us. It’s exactly 2 month’s without u dad & it’s mum’s birthday today – the date 9th has become even more special now 

I love you mama & wish you a year filled with more strength, good health, peace, hope, love & good memories. This is your 1st birthday without dad, but, knowing that he is watching you from Heaven may this day be filled with contentment – Have a memorable birthday my beautiful mama.

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The Joy of my life

When I think of you, I long to see your sweet face

You make me feel I m on a airspace

I love you more everyday

My heart pounds for you night and day

The look in your eyes tells me that you love me

I thank Heaven everyday for the joy that He gave me

So many times our paths had come so close, yet never crossed

But when they finally did, I was glad that i belong to u forever

Our love is strong and nothing can take us apart

Blessings on us will always be showered

I belong to you now and forever

And with the love between us we’ll be together for eternity.

Like a star you have brightened up my life, filled my heart with joy

And my heart overflows with feelings of love every time I think of you

Been waiting for the day to sit down besides you and feel your love

This feeling is compromised by having a glance at your pictures every moment

I dream of you every single minute and you are the owner of this heart of mine

Its coz your mine, nobody else’s and i like it this way that we have made it at last!

You are my saving grace the one who saves my heart and soul, my flawless one

Tears I’ve once shed you’ve wiped them away &I love you forever my Joy of my life.

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Life is a roller coaster

Years have passed by and i ve a lot of memories, good and bad, the bad which obviously makes me go crazy and obnoxious, The blood in me keeps boiling but i avoid taking revenge. All i have learnt is to have a lot of patience, forgive my enemies, laugh at people who talk behind my back as it only makes me one step ahead of them and this feeling makes me feel great. People mention good about them but i prefer to mention the bad in me coz i never knew that there was so much of bad about me until i got to hear from unknown people and that is quite hialrious you see !!!

The most important thing that i have learnt in life is to stop being straightforward because that is where the ego of one person gets hurt . I will not lose anything if i have got to extol a person, instead find felicitousness which makes me have a good sleep at the end of a tiring day. There are a few who have been efficacious after having won an argument but i havent been the lucky one. Then why jeopardize, instead let me be the most troublefree and let my life move on exultantly.

Along with the changes that i have resolved to have i have also decided to be quiet and selfish at times and if you ask me why, i would say “This is the way people are in todays world and thats how one is outstanding pulling down the other” But the only difference between me and the other people is, i would prefer not to backstab and never to pull down someone s dignity. I would win a situation just by avoiding you because i have seen enough of it and being straightforward has helped me nowhere , so let me be the way i am and you be the way you are. If you ever feel guilty for what you have done then too i would not want you to apologise because i have grown up as a strong lady now and nothing will touch me. By you feeling sorry is not going to make me melt for you and this is what i referred to me being SELFISH.

Life is short for me to think too much about the audience being jealous on me, let them go ahead being jealous. I will grow as a successful person even more to make them feel a little more uncomfortable than they already are, just by changing my ways 🙂 Chao… My love to all of those who have been with me so far…

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Dreams and Reality

What a beautiful day it was!

Twas a Sunday eve, soft cool breeze flowing through the air and a bunch of thoughts I was consorted with. It was a day when I realized that how great people set their goals, accomplish their dreams and be successful. Success is never easy, its hard to earn but its worth it. Its a ladder that cannot be climbed with my hands in my pocket.

As a child I loved to read a lot about people who exalted me and are my role models. Life taught me plenty of things – positive thinking, ways to achieve my dreams and tackle an opportunity that is given to me. But the only hassle I had was, I always lost hope easily if I ever had a person who envied me. “Struggling in life is not my cup of tea” was my opinion. I amended my thoughts and nature as years passed by.  I understood that dreams can be changed into realities only through struggle, pain, humbleness,  an hunger for achievement and most importantly a carefree attitude.

I move forward along with the green eyed monster, be friends with them, learn from them and discipline myself to be a strong headed individual where nothing can shake me. These things have helped me so far to move forward by facing criticism meekly. I consider myself to be a lucky lady to have all kinds of people around me because they have shown me a way to live, enjoy life and  transform my dreams into real!

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You have the answers as to why am i here.

Hey all, come let’s put in our thoughts like things we love to do, our hobbies, something which we always want to do, our dreams. Who knows? There might come a day where we forget what we had thought of at a certain point of point – but, hey no – we have our blog which reminds us that as long as we live in this beautiful world just continue dreaming and achieving those dreams!!! Yes life is uncertain, but definitely beautiful 🙂

Right now, i am just thinking how lucky i am to have taken that one right decision, a decision which has helped change my thoughts, my pattern of thinking, my whole self!!! When we transform ourselves, we grow into a better human being, transfer positive thinking – people love to be with us for who we are and everything around seems to be beautiful. In life it’s always one small step we take makes a huge lot of difference. So, stay happy 🙂

You will see what inspires me…what makes me happy…what motivates me…what turns me on

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